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Cremation, especially in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, is gradually becoming popular over traditional burials. One reason why cremations are popular are that they are more affordable than conventional burials.

Why do you think that a cremation Knoxville is affordable?

Cremation Process Here, one will find out how the process of cremation is carried out and how it is cheaper than the older way of final disposition. In cremation as a funeral rite, the deceased person is reduced by flames into ashes.

The first step in carrying out a cremation is funeral home personnel taking the body of deceased person from the place of death. The deceased person’s family then confers with the crematory provider to accomplish and sign the required documents, which usually include death certificate information, special state/county permits, and the ‘authorization to cremate,’ which is the most important form to carry out a Cremation Knoxville.

The authorization stipulates the complete process of cremation. It also requires that if the deceased person has a mechanical implant or device or a pacemaker, such items must be taken out lest they do any damage to the cremation chamber. If the mechanical or metallic items are not mentioned and cremation is done without removing the objects, the deceased person’s remaining family would be liable for the damages. Likewise, valuables like jewelry must be removed before the cremation Knoxville process or such items would also be destroyed.

The family of the deceased would also be notified of incidentals integrated with the cremated remains as soon as the remains are taken away from the chamber. The family must also sign a liability waiver should he or she witness the process of cremation. Afterwards, a decision on a cremation casket or alternative container to place the deceased should be reached. The alternative container is made from corrugated cardboard while a cremation casket is made of plywood, pressed board, or any wood from a coniferous or deciduous tree.

The family should also decide on the urn type where the remains will be put after the cremation procedure. The permanent urns can be made of marble, ceramic, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, and wood. Temporary urns, which are chosen if a family chooses to scatter the remains, are made of cardboard or plastic.

After putting the deceased person into a cremation casket or alternate container, a close friend or family member should view the deceased for identification. The crematory provider will tag the deceased person to make sure of proper identification and also for the family not to receive remains from another person. There is usually a 24-48 hour waiting period from the time of passing before a cremation Knoxville can be carried out.

To start the actual cremation, the deceased person is put in a retort or cremation chamber –

CremationThe chamber is lined with bricks (fire-resistant) that can withstand extreme temperatures. Once the deceased is inside the chamber, the door is closed and the burning process commences. Temperatures can run from 1,500 to 1,800 degrees (Fahrenheit) inside the chamber. The burning cycle can also take 2 to 3 hours, depending on the type of container or the size of the deceased person.

For an hour, the remains are then cooled. They are swept from the chamber and placed on a work space. Non-combustible items (metal debris) and bone fragments are separated by magnet or by hand. The bones are further pulverized into uniform and small fragments. The remains are then put in a plastic bag and put in an urn chosen by the family.

Now that you know how a cremation Knoxville is carried out, you now have several choices on how you want to be ‘kept’ when your time of passing comes. You can do this by consulting with your family as well as with the crematory provider.


The entire cremation process is completed on-site at Gentry Griffey’s crematory by their professional and licensed staff.

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