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Find fresh and creative styles in custom lanyards and make your personalized lanyards for your company or brand. In market, there are plenty of designs in customized lanyards. Create your own beaded badge lanyards and make your own plain badge lanyards into a creative art. Are you bored with old and outdated lanyards? This is time to get fresh styles in custom lanyards. Styles in lanyards include beaded badge, personalized, spiral and loads more.

Custom LanyardsThe custom lanyards are typically a rope or chord that when wrapped around the neck , is used to carry identification cards (ID). It is also recognized as lan-iard. Many online stores allow selecting high-quality multi color printing lanyards. In case, if you are running a business, then these custom lanyards, are going to be the perfect choice for your brand promotion when your personnel wear them. Your own personnel wearing them in public places and even within the office would lend a feeling of enthusiasm to work and give your business a good brand image outside.

The custom lanyards are a direct marketing tool for your business or products to bring remarkable benefits for sure. No matter how you exert your promotion of business but the concept of customized lanyards will be perfect for triumph of your business. There are plenty of governmental organizations which are using lanyards for mainly identity mark of their employees. In the time of conferences, many companies prefer custom lanyards and invest their money on it. They get the name of the event printed on the lanyards which boosts the promotion of the event as well as the organization.

Advantages of Custom Lanyards

Lanyards carry various benefits which are as follows:

• Displaying the ID
• Better than badges fitted with safety pin or clip
• Attachable with visitor pass
• Good Promotion tool of your products or logos
• Some companies are using it as a small voucher of appreciation for their employees
• Can be used with small gadgets such as cell phones, keys or wallets to prevent it from dropping or loosing.
• Handy, comfortable and secure for safety purposes
• Multipurpose and functional
• Affordable and practical versatile

Logo LanyardsThese lanyards are durable and do not get weakened away in the daily routine of the office. They are strong and can easily carry away the weight of pen-drives, I Cards, mobile phones and what not. You can get these Custom Lanyards printed, embroidered, stitched and engraved the way you want it too. All you need to do is call up our Custom Lanyards store and tell them your requirement and they would figure it out what kind of a lanyard would suit your requirement the best.

Nature of Materials Used In Custom Lanyards

The material of lanyards includes- cotton and polyester and each material is best suited for specific situation.


The material of lanyards is varied. The most commonly and popular material of lanyards are polyester and they offer a great balance between cost and performance as well.


Other type of material is- nylon, it offers high-quality and best finishing in lanyards. Also they are available in competitive prices.


For displaying simple messages, tubular lanyards are the most economical option for you.


Lanyards are made of woven material, offering high-quality for displaying messages.

The primary thing that you have to be careful is- width and height of lanyards. This is the most essential thing in lanyards. We believe that it should be more comfortable for employees in their working hours. Get numerous and fresh styles in customized lanyards.

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